Reviews for "Clab - Pigpen Vs Teqneek"

Though Teqneek had better flow, I liked PiGPEN's lyrics better so he gets my vote.

PiGPEN came harder than I expected, and this is probably his best performance in a battle to date.

Verse 1 Pig came in pretty well. Saying that if he freestyled that's the only way Teq would win. Also always + points for rhyming Suddle with butthole.

Teq's first verse comes right back at Pig. Starts off pretty good, and starts to get even better. Upping the disses and overall showing Pig back to his pen.

Pig's second verse is much weaker than it could have been. There are a couple things he could have attacked Teq on that he skipped over. Then he says he makes fans and cash? Okay... Basically a weak verse overall.

Teq then ends with pure auditory ass rape that really makes the victory a no-brainer for Teqneek. Still a fun battle to listen to overall though, Pig has definitely stepped up his game, but not yet enough.

pigpen is shit, go teqneek.

Teqneek responds:

I have no idea who you are, and your account was created today, but this is definitely not me on some idiotic dupe account.

If this is legit, then thanks for the vote, lol. Okay no more replies will be made by me or anyone else but Red up here, but I just had to address this.