Reviews for "Clab - Pigpen Vs Teqneek"

Great battle. Mad respect to both rappers so here is what I thought:

- if it is a freestyle, adding radio dubs in the background makes everyone raise their eyebrow or at least I did.
+ Both rappers brought laughs per minute
+ Decent direct disses by both rappers
- the outro overdub by Teq was a little bit iffy but not terrible, obviously due too time constraints everything can't be mastered so I can't hate too much on either rapper.

Teqneek too advance.

If Psi is the best lyricist I've heard so far, then Teq has the best flow--with amazing lines to match. What else can I say? Perfectly on beat, brutal/hilarious disses (The KONY line was pure genius)...I knew Pig was beat halfway through Teq's first verse.

As to my evaluation of Pig, he had some sick verses and an interesting style that he brought to the table. But there was really nothing there to elevate his shit above Teq's. Also, explaining what a morphemon was...maybe it worked as a joke, but it wasn't really good comeback material.

Teq for the advance.

PS: Pig, I just have to ask. No hate, but what's your obsession with freestyling? I mean, in almost every review I've seen from you, you claim that one guy or another "obviously" wrote it beforehand. How do you know that? And then you make the equally unprovable claim that you came up with your verses off the top of your head. I'm just saying it doesn't make you look good, man--and by extention your verse. If anything it makes you come off as kinda insecure (not saying you are, either).

Dude, this battle was legit, man. Actually, really REALLY hilarious. This is the funniest battle since fuckin TvJohnny. I'm in the airport laughing my ass off at "teqneechality" "monster/dumpster" Dude, Teqneek wins because of "Pigpen gladly handle a man's balls." and the huge words he used that actually made sense.


PiGPEN verse 1:
(+)Good flow, on beat.
(-)Pointless freestyle line.
(+)(+)No u in win.
(+)Deluted reaching suddle.
(+)(+)There will be a tech in ya.
(+)(+)Kissy under the guilliteen.
(-)A lot of filler.
7 Points

Teqneek verse 1:
(+)Good flow, on beat.
(-)Pointless flip on the fake freestyle.
(+)(+)Happily handle a man's balls.
(+)Only battling cause of a technicality.
(+)(+)Shitty animation, lonely guy.
(+)High vocabulary in disses.
6 Points

PiGPEN verse 2:
(+)Good flow and onbeat.
(+)Lyrics belon in a dumpster
(+)(+)My battle was legitiment.
(+)Son of the mailman got deliverance.
(+)(+)I only win on Tegneekalities.
(-)More filler.
6 Points

Teqneek verse 2:
(+)(+)Perfect flow and onbeat.
(+)Fell face first.
(+)Umbrella in your mouth.
(+)Internet troll swine.
(+)(+)PiGPEN beats worst in the contest, animation garbage.
(+)Baking in ham sandwich.
(+)This little piggy is heading home.
(-)Mixing was way too loud on that Piggy line.
8 Points

PiGPEN: 13 Points
Teqneek: 14 Points

My vote goes to Teqneek.

I added up points for certain lines based on lyrics, delivery, and how hard it hit as a whole. This was a good battle, but I heard a few generic filler disses throughout, but those were generally covered up with great delivery from both sides.

If there are any questions about my votes and my breakdowns, I'll gladly explain as thoroughly as you need in a private message.

This was a great battle. Pig pen has a real catchy smooth flow. My favorite pen line was playing kissy under the guillotine. But i think teqneek came a bit harder and and i think hes got better lyrics. Over all a good battle but i think teqneek deserves the win . Teqneek's vocabulary is on a whole other level than pigpen. Props to both .