Reviews for "Clab - Pigpen Vs Teqneek"

verse 1- senile old men? virginia isn't that far south, this guy doesn't have that much out there to dis on, eh whatever, not that much to go on for a starter but he pulled it off decent

verse 2- starts with something that sounds like it could possibly be autotune or echo, annoying, "pigpen happily handle a mans balls" :3 had to google kony guy :3'd again

verse 3- this verse won the match imo, dude who hasn't done that much was thoroughly stomped

verse 4- half of this verse was him repeating himself from the last verse, little piggy going the fuck home part was the only good part.

vote goes to PiGPEN

Teqneek was mostly gay jokes, a few name flips, a couple of rebuttals.
PiGPEN always is fresh with his shit, people stop sleeping.

I think I'm gonna vote Teq for the advance. i'm not a big fan of freestyling in this comp, but PiG had some surprisingly good personals for a freestyle. Either way, Teq had a better mic presence, flowed with the beat better, and had better personals in this one.

It was hard to listen to PigPen because of the simplistic flow and semi hard hitting punch lines. Teq had more flow with it and sounded more enthusiastic, but verse quality was just about the same as Pig's. Vote to Teq for more effort and structure.

PIGPEN...nice. got my vote