Reviews for "Clab - Pigpen Vs Teqneek"

Round One.

PiGPEN | Verse One |

" Over easy, Teqneek hes so beneath me "
- Good flow. Good overall rhyme scheme and diction. Your punch lines were decent, some of them were straight funny though, hehe.

Teqneek | Verse One |

Great diction, great punches, good personals. Your flow was sort of sketchy at times, but overall they were good.

PiGPEN | Verse Two |

I fell like your first one was better, you didnt take advantage on some of his lines and mess ups, which I swore you would. With that said. Overall the flow was ok, your punches were ok, you just needed some more personals in there.

Teqneek | Verse Two |

Good come backs in this verse, you took complete advantage of PiGPEN not hitting harder than expected. I think this verse seals the deal for me. Overall, again, great.

Overall my vote goes to | Teqneek |

* When it came down to flow and personal disses, I felt like Teqneek won. However, PiGPEN's first verse good and would have held more weight if his second one would have been harder. Because I was disappointed with PiGPEN's second verse, plus the fact Teqneek smacked him for not being better, I had to give it to Teqneek. *

( 3.5 due to PiGPEN not stepping up and full filling the expectations of a better second verse )

it thogh pigpen was doing good the sart thean Teqneek made com back pipen cold not folow so Teqneek won

Deja vu. More average rappers making gay jokes and throwing in multisyllabic words they just learned.


Had one good line, the Teqneekality line, which was could've had more oomph with some emphasis in the flow, and PiGPEN's Mortal Kombat retort. The rest are homophobic throwbacks to typical rap lyrics. Way too many obvious friends of his posting here. Typical of NG, I know. But a review that says, "THIS IS SHIT, GO TEQ!" should be immediately moot. Rap is about lyrics, the lyrics are lame. The effect at the end was poorly implemented to boot. Every reviewer who doesn't seem to grasp that the freestyle was a joke and immediately votes for Teqneek are perpetuating the promotion of predictable, boring rap.


PiGPEN's attacks on redneck stuff is trite in its own way, but Deliverance + flow + a clever spin on it makes it forgivable. Mortal Kombat retort is great. Has actual content and his responses showcase Teqneek's attacks as reaching for something to rap about. The reviews here don't seem to grasp that he's being facetious about the freestyling, mocking other rappers while simultaneously going after Teqneek. MULTITASKING, YO.

Simply put: interesting, unique lyrics that amuse versus the same 'ol same 'ol.

PiGPEN by a long shot.

P.S. Pronounce "guillotine" properly.

Teqneek responds:

1. You accuse me of recruiting friend votes, when your only other review on this site is from Pigpen vs Nimbus- and of course you vote for Pigpen.

2. I know only one person on this entire site, the rest are just randoms in this tournament. Don't ever fucking accuse me of shit, punk.

3. I had only one bar that even came close to being considered "homophobic".

4. The comment you are referring to- I replied to it as soon as I saw it and called it idiotic.

5. The only votes that count as of now are those of the judges who signed up prior to the competition. So yours doesn't count, and neither does that dumb ass first comment.

Again, don't you ever fucking accuse me of looking for friend votes, especially considering your review history. I don't know who anyone here is except the one person who introduced me to Clabtrap. I said I wouldn't respond to any more comments up here, but when you attack my character- fuck you. I'm defending myself bitch.

Teqneek had way tighter flow. And dope ass last 2 bars.

Goin with:


very impressed by both mc's, they did an amazing job with flow and lyrics.... first off this is not an easy decision to make, and that both mc's made me smile and i wanted to hear more, even when pig pen did include me in the rap..

pig pen : i thought pig pens freestyle flow was proper, no matter what, its a freestyle and i find that 2 be art in a sense, i dgaf what people say , u cant show up 2 a street rap battle anytime with a pad or pen, if you get challenged on the spot in real life, it shows if you live up to who you are and what you say you are,,,,so if u continued a freestyle with your 2nd bar than even better, but you had good lines, good flow switch ups and good timing

tech: you had amazing bars, i liked these ones better then the ones towards me, lol:P, probably thought cause the beat was different, but my favourite part was the first few bars you spit, you had flow and amazing potential when you came in, i just dont like when u carry on with long words then pause at the end of every line 2 many times, it was good once in a while but 2 much it sounds like your reading your lyrics 2 fast, but i enjoyed all your lyrics escpecially your voice

i paid close attention to all the lyrics flow voice, and over all entertainment in the mc's, i must give it 2 pig pen, but this was a very close 1 again, it should get an o.t if possible but for now pig pen has my vote Em

God Bless