Reviews for "Clab - Pigpen Vs Teqneek"

Teqneek had a solid flow, but i think pigs second verse won the battle for him. Tbh, i was skeptical when pigpen announced he was gonna do a freestyle in the beginning, but he pulled that shit off nice.

Teqneek responds:

Ughhhhhhh, it WASN'T a freestyle...

Let me seeeeeeeeee.......

I vote for Pigpen by a hair. I just appreciated his flow more, and his personals seemed to be more clever to me.

Teqneek for better delivery, flow, and over all better rapper.
I'm not feeling PiGPEN's goofyness all the time. Only some ad-libs. I can't take him serious.

Real solid battle. Really too close to call, but I'll try and break it down.

Pig V1: Entertainment value high from jump..no "u' in win. Variation of cadence appreciated like in "kissy under the guillotine.". Overall an entertaining verse. Batlle over easy like eggs, good. tekneeq he's so beneath me, nice rhyme. decent punch inbred skinhead. diluted himself gonna reach suddle, not so great. don't like the doubling up on skinhead angle back to back, took the wind out from your sails. Good wordplay recovery with there will be a tech in ya. Don't like the closer. Sending ghosts: good. Reference to what has been turned into a disney movie: bad.
Teq V2: Slow start with the bracket/wackness line, but I like the aggressive approach. The mailman flip wasn't a flip since saying pigs the son of the mailman rhymes, but isn't relevant to what pig said.Savagely scramble a mans jaw/handle a man's balls, nice rhyme. Nice punch with "teqneekality" since Mav dropped out. Ooooh, though. don't congratulate him. Shitty animation, kony guy was a little impersonal.Dork talentless/anthropomorphic phalluses might be a good punch, I haven't dug around pigs page to know if it's legit or generic, but I shouldn't have to. another cartoon reference. didn't like ending your verse on a reference I have no clue about.

Verse 2 Pig: Pigs casual approach to the question followed by an aggressive attack opens with a bang. Trash/ass...pretty simple follow up. Red neck, white hick, right click, nice attempt at personal and the overdub explaining the save as. I'm not on the boards so I don't know if Teq lost a file or something, so that one went over my head. Compared/legic/disses burn/flip for shit. I'll give a little credit because I did think the flips were a little weak, but the line could have been delivered better. Real clever to turn the gay joke around and not give a fuck, it negated a lot of Teqneek's punches. It wouldn't work for most people, but Pig has never given a shit, so I felt like it was a good time for him to take that angle. Decent kony/kids flip. Nice teqneekality twist with the finishing fatality.

Teq Verse 2: I liked the plagiarism approach, but you plagiarized him too, and probably moreso with that "I'm from VA and I shave my head, damn!" line, whereas even when he called himself joseph kony and you a little kid, it was a reference to kids(you) being slaughtered and mutilated by kony (him). Nice punch with umbrella because of Pigs relaxed flow. Narcoleptic amateur internet troll swine works, nice rhyme. Don't like the return to his animation, we've traveled that road. Nice with battle rapping bacon and ham sammich. Nice xanax reference to slow, would have liked it with the umbrella reference. Closer is too reminiscent to the Nimbus 3 little pigs line against Pigpen last year.

I put an hour into listening to this to give you both a fair shot, and I'd initially want overtime. I'd say Pig got round 1 and Teq got round 2. However, since we're trying to break a close match, I'd go with Pig because of overall showmanship and entertainment. Teqneeks flow was more complex, but it got monotonous with the consistent iambic pentameter bounciness whereas Pig put some personality in it. One of the more important issues is that Pig got to pick a beat that worked for his flow, and the slow rap felt more appropriate for this beat, So today it's Pigpen. Good luck to both, I'm sure whoever wins will show up with fierce shit next round.

Well, here's an overall basic review unlike most people would write.

Flow: PiG, he kept moving, Teqneek was very shaky at times.
Punches: Teqneek, Teq's punches were head on, meanwhile PiG's went everywhere else.
Style: PiG, He's got an unusual style, one that relies on comedy as a source of rap.
Rhyme Scheme: I'd have to say this is more of a tie here.

Overall vote? PiGPEN.