Reviews for "Pentagon n' Oval"

this is great

keep up the good work


It was...unique...to say the least...
It was short, sweet and made me kind of laugh out loud (no LOL, just a chuckle)
Well done, none the less.

a masterpiece...

... of contemporary art. An expression of the severe lonelyness that the 00's have brought upon us with its endless techonologies. This piece covers every emotion from anger to sadness, with a touch of humour where it's most needed. This moved me more than shawshank redemption and requiem for a dream put together, not to mention the skillful artistry and smooth animation. Sharp drawings (I have never seen such sharp pentagons) accentuate the message of the film.
One question though: are the pentagons a metaphor for the corporate world, or are they just jealous cause they have smaller cocks?


where jo put yo corners boy

Simple and Funny

For some reason I think its amazing that i actually find a funny flash on here that doesn't include cocks.