Reviews for "Pentagon n' Oval"

You Bojo

Just wish it was longer, it had a classic story, with a good twist. The xanthous orange one was my favorite.

I think you should make a second one when either the mother or father comes back and confronts these guys. This flash was tacit and elocute.

Well good luck to in the new years in writing more comedic story lines. And dealing with less fastidious people.

"Where's your corners boy?"

People, the animation being so simple is the point.. I am sure if you were a great animator, you'd just want to kick it one day and just do something like this.. just for a laugh. Not everything people do has to be as good as everything else they have done. People just want breaks sometimes..

Mr. Swain, this was hilarious. I loved the pentagons' laugh. Yahehehe.. XD

very good

I like these animations because it proves that u dont need complex art to make a good movie. Also 50th! :3


All i have to say is What?


like the other shape videos, this one was short and simple
however, i think it was more humorous then the others