Reviews for "Pentagon n' Oval"


I love all of these.


Where r your corners boy?!



Oh, you!

These are ridiculous!

once again i will review!

these videos are made to be the way they are. the artists are fully capable of making a much higher quality video if they please. but for once they want to make something short, entertaining, fun, and simple. but you guys who cant seem to get it through your thick skulls that these videos are simply something new. they are comical and honestly funny if you ask me.

i give them 10 stars and a 5 out of 5 just for trying something NEW. a fun series that, if you dont like it. you don't have to watch it.

they AREN'T ANNOYING, there not offensive. they have incredible audio quality. give the some of the best animators we have a break and enjoy something as simple as a joke. if this were audio i bet you would be laughing instead of bitching.

GOOD JOB YOU GUYS! keep it up! and honestly i love the simple animations!