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Reviews for "Money! and Anvils!"


Needs something else though.


Seems like you fixed some glithches other than that same things I said last time, simple but fun. Kinda wish the screen was taller to see the anvils coming, but I guess it would be less funny that way.


its not bad actually

still some probems

i like thiese sort of games but unfortunatly i couldnt survive for more than 30 seconds. the ting is you move slower than the anvild fall . alot slower. so even if you know that a anvil is about to fall you cant move out the way fast enough. this mkaes the game more like than skill.

other than that not to shabby.


Nothing new, but tidy enough. I thought it was a bit easy to die, and the screen couldve been a bit taller to give you more money. Truth be told a retro style game like this is never going to get massive scores anyway. It's not appalling and I'm sure that with a little more effort you could make something pretty good.