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Reviews for "Madness: Short 1"

Really slick

That was really fluid for being a short. I liked the bullet casing movements, I can never seem to get them to look real but you did very well. You also did well with how the ATP moved back from the recoil, thats another thing I can't pull off.

You should start making a real tribute with enemies and a silly plot.

You have skill dude

Don't give up!

fuckin winner

that was the best gun test animation of I ever seen, you are closer of delamortes, the machetes´s spin was too fast, but was good , the recoils is equal of krinkels use, but the bullet shells falls to fast and to any way, you should improve it, Oh I can´t wait for a full movie of 2 or 3 minutes made by you

Your style matches Delamortes EXACTLY.

Everything from the walk cycle to the way you animate gun recoil was perfectly executed. This was all EXACTLY like Delamortes' animations.
You have my full support, please make more.

... Amazing ...

I know how fucking hard it is to animate and very friggin stressing so i congratualte u, i used to animate but then got a new laptop then my animator program went and now i cant find it so i really wanna know what program u use, please reply :D

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