Reviews for "The Way of My Madness"

awesome tribute

this is one of the best tribute to bleach, and finally someone with at least some taste of music.

you have great skill my man!


i love the madness series and this is pretty good, the music also went great with the song!

Of all the madness fanflashes

This is the only one I would actually approve of, other then mindchambers.

Nice work. Shame it got sort of cut off but I know you'll improve on madness day.

Spelling would help too. ;) :P

Hulalaoo responds:


Pretty cool concept

I found that with some more polish this could really be much more memorable than it was. I liked the song choice and the angles you took your shots but unfortunately you need to work a little more on your perspective shots, as they were at some times blatantly disproportional to the rest of the scene (the sword on his back). You are very creative but I think you might have stretched a bit farther than your current ability will allow, which is not to say that it wasnt fun to watch, but rather I could see what you were going for and it didnt quite make it there for me. Also, the ending was very abrupt, felt somewhat incomplete. As much as I respect the fact this was done with a mouse, at the same time at the end of the day you want to examine where your ability lies in. You have talent, and I would love to see your work progress from here. Hope my critique was helpful, good luck on your future projects!

Hulalaoo responds:


Great man

I really like the music and lyrics.
It wasn't really metal and it still had interesting Metal style vocals.

The coloring was done really well.
The style, lots of drama, conveys emotions.

Hulalaoo responds:

cool !!! thx !!!