Reviews for "The Way of My Madness"

it's been a while...

since I saw a good tribute to the madness series (with my mind's madness, back in september). But man your animations were good. All of the madness characters (well cept' Tricky...he was there for about 5 seconds) were great.

plz make another one :D

Outstanding animation! But...

Hey, I watched this through twice and thought the animation was absolutely cracking. Some shots were absolutely brilliant, the drawing was great. If it was a score on animation alone this would probably be a 9 or 10. However...

In complete contrast to what everyone's said before, i thought the music was this animation's weakness. I'm a huge fan of rock and heavy metal music. Yet I get the impression you picked the song first because you liked it, and then looked to squeeze the scenes in around it. The result was some scenes looking oddly stretched out (and at times pointless - watching the protaganist sing the emo lines was incredibly painful!).

Now i love heavy metal and rock, but that doesn't win votes alone. 4 out of 5 people watching will get teary-eyed watching the lead protaganist jump around on screen to heavy metal. Like those tribute montages of your favourite shows on Youtube, only they've wiped all the best bits of the audio from the clips to play their favourite song instead. (See "http ://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=i4yjXXt0fRk &feature=related" for example)

Song subtitles are never a good idea, unless you're making a music video - because in a music video, the music is more important than the flash. Leaving them out makes sure people appreciate your work more than what they're listening to. 4 out of 5 will be perfectly happy with the music, but If 1 out of 5 people don't like it and mark your score down, that minority drags your whole score down by half a point!

With the right backing track, everyone would like it and you could be hitting 4.5 with your styles, easily. Krinkels, Adam Phillips, Johnny Utah, Proxicide, Sakupen and The Swain are all masters of background tracks. I'd strongly recommend finding something metal or rock, but without lyrics - and only after you've made a storyboard showing how you'd like your animation to flow.

Enough bashing of the music, the animation in itself was brilliant. The backgrounds looked really polished, most of the animation was nice and fluid, there was a really nice attention to detail in the drawing. Your history of scores show you've been improving each time you make a submission. If you submit what you've done here on Madness day as it is, you'll probably make front page, with the same score - but if you A) make an original script, B) Put the same quality of animation as you've put on this, and C) pick a good backing track (just like you did in "Insane Dark", especially something without lyrics)... then i'd be expecting you to be on the top 100 board, easily.

To sum up, great job man. Really hope you do something extra-special for Madness Day. If you do a follow-up beforehand i'd love to see it, and good luck!

Hulalaoo responds:

supar thx very much, but im cant wiew the link :[, and thx for the comment


VERY NICELY ANIMATED!!! cant wait for september now!


Very original, and well put together. 5/5 and 10/10


Sept 22nd is a long way off, so im going to be dying in anticipation to see the final project. Nicely done.