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Reviews for "Crossblock"

Nice game!

The music is great, the concept is cool, and its just a funy little puzzle game to pass time! 10/10

djtrousdale responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed! :D


with 4 blocks is hadr i cant discover de for to eliminate the DIGIT the game is good for my is 5
but music is sooooooo LOL

djtrousdale responds:

Thanks? :)


There are 2 things I definetely lke about this game

1.It's fun and not boring like must puzzle games, and 2. The music fits perfectly with the game!

i love this game

this game is awesome. It will make history. only some reccomendations so you can keep making awesome games like this. Add difficulties, make a high score list based on length of time, possibly a player pack, and you have yourself many many games to play

Very Addictive! Had to finish it...

Very well made game. Just some of the music was annoying while playing a game like this. I stuck with either the first or second one the whole way through, can't remember. Only one of them had me stumped and I DID skip it but I did solve puzzle 50. Overall, great game!