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Reviews for "Crossblock"


background made me want to vomit.
game is too easy.
and it sucks.
and you don't deserve to live if you made, and/or enjoyed this game.

Really nice game

Just a pure, classic, and fun puzzle game. The simplistic graphics fit the game well and the music is great. It must have taken forever to think of all those level designs...

Also, you should consider getting a sponsor for your next game (if you want some extra money).

djtrousdale responds:

Most of the time I would sit there at the computer "How am I going to come up with X levels holy crap! D:"
Thanks :)

Great game!

Kept me puzzling for aaages, but I won eventually! :D
The square was surprisingly difficult!
Excellent puzzling game for young and old :)
Could maybe use an extra tune as you get really close to the end, a really intense one that makes it harder to think straight.
Really good game, and takes a good deal of time to complete, but worth it ^^

a solid woot :D

I really liked this game, and personally didn't mind how challenging it was, though i did only make it to lvl49 i will have to play this game again, one thing about the backgrounds, personally i would have chosen something along the lines of a fading background, the constant movement made me a little dizzy, but otherwise i loved this game 10/10 keep it up


Starts nice and easy, and then gets hard as hell at the end! Took me about 30 tries to finish off level 50! Well done. A couple of suggestions that I have, though. Maybe something that could highlight the blocks you're going over as you drag through them? Make them change color or something? Might help with counting blocks; I know that visually, I kinda get lost in a fog looking at all of those squares. :)