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Reviews for "Crossblock"

damn its hard

how do you past the 50 im stuck on it and need to do it thx if you response

djtrousdale responds:

If you must, you can google for walkthroughs (which would be lame) OR... keep trying and eventually beat it (which would be awesome)!

Thanks for playing :D


This game was awesome. . .Great to pass time lol. Perhaps if you make a second , you could add diagonal for some challenge.

Level 45

I had to stop at level 45. My brain isn't quite used to such a work out!

Still, the game is super fun!!

Really Nice !!

Really good job on this game. it saves files, it has different and optional songs, and it is an actual puzzle game. I got to 36 and getting there was challenging. very good game.


Completing this was the greatest thing I did the whole day. Level 50 took about as much time as all the others together. Also, awesome musics