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Reviews for "Crossblock"


I must really suck. I got stuck on level 4. I'm horrible. Great game though. Too bad I'm too stupid to get past 4. =]

djtrousdale responds:

Thank you :)

cheat. -cool game need crossblock 2

This game is so fun. i cant figure out how to beat #50 huhh!!. if you need help with some levels check out http://jayisgames.com/archives/2009/0 1/crossblock.php#walkthrough

great puzzle game

I like the music and simplicity in this game. It also challenges people to solve what appear to be simple puzzles. I stopped at level 40. I like how some puzzles are very challenging, and others offer the player a break with their easiness.

Addictive and not boring

I couldn't stop playing (except the two skips :p) I've solved it.
Really nice

Well done.

I only got to lvl 15, but it is very well done. The concept is simple, and it;s nothing I have seen before, therefore, original. Got to hand it to ya, awesome hame ya got here.