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Reviews for "Crossblock"


but i can see that it is supposed to be... it does get very difficult as you advance...

very well done :D

djtrousdale responds:

thank you! :D

Nice Brain teasers, but it gets hard for me...

When I got to the one shaped like a 4 I had to use the skip, and the one right after I just couldn't do heh.

great puzzle game!

dang, im still stuck on 17! every pattern i try never works! whatever, great game! its difficulty is what makes it fun! but seriously, i know its a puzzle game, but what up with the music?

Very Fun!

Simple concept, complex solutions. Great work! My brain finally gave up on level 40, but I got there without using any skips!

Mind puzzling game!

I'ts ok, but the background was kinda anoyng so thank god thought of that to.
I give you a 9, it's really good and i am stuck on 47 lol. Keep on the good work!