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Reviews for "Crossblock"

Great stuff.

I really enjoyed this. Some days, I feel like a good puzzle game would be the thing to do, and this is what I'll be doing.

In other words, this game is great stuff.

djtrousdale responds:

Thank you :)

Very well done, and was...

and was enjoyable enough to spend the time to complete each level. Each time you made us cross out more squares, was an easy level, which could've just been a lucky first move.

I liked the challenge and liked the satisfaction of completing one that took me a good bit of time.

The straight line was nice, but it would be cool if you could eliminate X number in a line, and by line, I mean wherever you could line up your black line.

Another suggestion would be a time clock, making it a challenge to see how fast you can complete a section or the entire game. A high score table might work for that too

Lots of fun and hope the suggestions burn your fire of creativity more.

5/5 10/10

excellent game.


this is really good game.i was stuck on level 17 as well ajcon179 but then i found out how to do it.take the doen each side then take the one across the bottom then it leaves you with 3


Great puzzle game dude!!! :D

The idea is simple, yet addicting. Challenging, yet fun. I seriously, cant find any flaws or complaints with this game.

I wanted to beat the game before reviewing, but I got stuck on level 39 :P lol!

Still, great game man! :D


LOL it gets harder later on stuck at level 25 >.> nice game thou