Reviews for "Crossblock"


Great game, but lil bit too simple.
39 was hard
50 should have been harder 50 was too easy

Level-u 30

Stopped there, didn't care to go further. Thanks for an awesome game!

djtrousdale responds:

Yup, 30's a killer. Glad you liked it! :)


A nice and simple idea.
Didn't pay attention to the music, but it didn't bother me either.

djtrousdale responds:

Thanks :)

Good game.

10/10 since it made me play until the end.

But a problem with puzzle games is the difficulty. This game was not too hard, but usually there's only a few ways to beat any given level and sometimes they require random guessing as to which blocks to remove first (since it's tough to think too far ahead). In the later levels that's what I found. There was no obvious way to beat the level sometimes and so I would have to randomly choose which blocks to remove first.

Still a good game.

djtrousdale responds:

Thanks :)

I gota say.

I will say its good but I got stuck at going through 5 at a time. Fun game and actually nice music.