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Reviews for ""Notepad Drawing Collab""

cool... <:l

wish i can put in my art but it's still awsome :D

JKAmovies responds:

Keep your eye out for the next one ;P


There were some good some wierd and some plain messed up drawings in there it was all good but the actual part where you draw well 1st the fill in is messed up and doesnt select correct colors 2nd the eraser doesnt just erase it just puts white over it which is noticable and 3rd WHY DID'NT YOU PUT A SAVE PICTURE OPTION OR SEND SOMEWHERE...I had made the best drawing I had ever made on a computer with a mouse on there :'( it was about life as a pink cube. *sigh* oh well whats lost is lost, no use crying over spilled milk, etc. anyway it was decent I had some fun I'm taking 1 star off for every point I said later :)

JKAmovies responds:

Thanks :P

>_> <_<

like it but artistlost you have way to much time on your hands

JKAmovies responds:

Thanks for the comment :P

nice :D

nice i am a bad artist thou

JKAmovies responds:

That's alright, just practice ;)


i at least spent an hour an half on that, see the most simplest things can be the most entertaing, btw the music is very encourging. Keep making !!!!!!!

JKAmovies responds:

I will ^_^