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Reviews for ""Notepad Drawing Collab""

Good Job.

I wish Luis would look at this

JKAmovies responds:

Me too :(

Thanks :D

Some real great artwork

This was a superb art collab.
Each and every single picture in it was well drawn and well detailed.
Plus it had an interesting layout and I loved the doodle pad.
There wasn't a single one I didn't like.
But my favorite was Raenaenae's.
You did an excellent job on this my friends.
You get a 5.

JKAmovies responds:

Thank you lamWeird33 :D

I like it.

You know, when I clicked on the sequel to this in my email from newgrounds, this is not at all what I expected. However, I thought that the artwork in both collabs was immensely entertaining and worth looking at. This one did have the cooler of the preloaders, but the art in the second one was better overall. I want to give props to everybody that participated in either one, because they were both totally rockin projects. 10/10

JKAmovies responds:

Thank you. I'm glad you saw both to get a good look on how things have improved.

But I'm glad you liked it ;D


I like the Harrah stuff and one of UnderARock's pics too.

JKAmovies responds:

Underarocks part actually made it in the collab a day before I was gunna submit it, I'm glad that he just made it to because his part was great :)

So awesome

You got some really talented people on this.

Personal fave was Harrah's stuff. That's a new name for me, but the art is batshit crazy and I love it. Adelaide...makes perfect sense. :D

JKAmovies responds:

Yeah I know. yeah HarraHs was sick aye. But overall I liked ALL of them :D