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Reviews for ""Notepad Drawing Collab""

nice work

nice work nmice work

i have a draw but i cant upload it..

JKAmovies responds:

Thanks ;P


Hey, I loved the work you all did, very nice. I just got a new Wacom 12WX tablet and I feel like an idot because I can hardly use it. It was a gift and I hate feeling like the kid with nice equipment but little skill. I love the few things I have been able to piece together using it, but how do you get THAT good?

JKAmovies responds:

Practice I guess.

I still use a mouse to draw so, it's not always the big expensive stuff that make you good, just practice and you'll get better ;P

pictures are good but.....

dude im trying to draw jack skellington on the sketchpad and every time i click black on fill it ends up dark blue

JKAmovies responds:

I know, It's a little stuffed.

Dunno why?

pretty good

i wish i could draw like that :(

JKAmovies responds:



the clicklocking in the scetchpad made me quit...grrr

anyway nice pics you pepole have there

JKAmovies responds:

Really :S

Thanks for commenting :)