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Reviews for "The Frog eats the Fly"


this is the best movie ever :)

ButtplugClock responds:

Why thank you :)


Greater than Mario's Castle Calamity!

ButtplugClock responds:

I'm not sure ANYONE can surpass that masterpiece!


I liked the drawing style. You did a good job.

ButtplugClock responds:

Thank you :)


Loved the regular drawn idea, but ya good short idea wouldve liked more of a better animation but still excellent work with the sound eye following the fly.

ButtplugClock responds:

Yeah it was short and lacked a lot of movement. Making this made me really respect people with the patience and ability to do much more elaborate things with a pencil and paper.

No Summary

I liked it, there aren't enough of these cartoons on NG.