Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 08"


Well done I always enjoy sketchbooks ;D

You hit another home run Luis.

The interface was immaculate and the mini game at the end although buggy was a nice touch. I especially loved the narrator's announcing the artists names. He also did an awesome job.

All being said man. This sexy beast of yours is just another jewel in your crown of NG effort and that's why we love you. Keep doing your thing mofo, you're going places...

Also, kudos to the contributing artists.
I have several favorites but I don't want to exclude anyone. Good job by all!

It's a shame you didn't send me a sheet...


But still this is a great mash-up of art, congratulations for putting this together Lu.

You can see the effort...

As you say, this is old school. but with a twist surely?

The artists have bonded together, recent and experienced, to give to all of us a little insight as to what spurs on their mind.
I was very surprised by Kringels; expecting to see, well more of his 'Madness' unfold, I was interested to see that the page was filled quite lightly, full of possible spoilers? Who knows.

As interestingly luis, yours seems to completely stand out from te rest! Very interesting to see what inspired you there.

I'm still learning Flash myself, but hope to at least get a short out this year, hopefully to even get mention in this stunning array of art.

The Block Game at the end was a little easy, that's all I have to say!


When you invert colors on jazza's picture, you'd swear the fat guy is getting electrocuted. xD