Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 08"


and i love how you used brown paper; it looks much moare artistic :)
cant wait to see NG Sketchbook Tour 09!


Woo! This is great fun to look over if your into the NG Community. Loved Swains voice overs! Well done for putting this all together Luis!

good besides for the music

its was pretty good and i got game over on the first level sadly lol
and i saw no nudity or violence! :O

Flawless Victory

This is the best presentation I've seen on NG. Tits to everyone who was involved in the project.

Best entry yet

I believe that this had the most artwork of any of the tour books, and it will probably be like always as more artists come to this website. Let me say this worked wonderfully well, as it's great to see all the styles and ideas that our greatest users on this web site have produced. Thank you also for mentioning their nationality. Maybe next year you could give their age.