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Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 08"


how do you pick who can be in them? you might could start early and put a lot more people in it. it would be really nice to be able to put some of the less known artists of ng in it. i loved the swain narrorating it and the way the names came up was awesome. i do think that you should put some guidelines for content in it because some of it was a little... wierd...(cuntzilla comes to mind). it seems to be a really popular thing. is there a place i can find how to get in on this? how do you choose who gets in it, besides the obviously popular people?
overall great. more than great!

Unique and fantastic!

I love it! Very cool to surf through all these great art works and see what talents Newgrounds consists of! Very cool menu, and very cool way to make the usernames appear and stuff! Also, great funfacts! A very pleasant, relaxing and inspiring project! AWESOME.


So many collabs, so many cool schetches, and a very original game at the end :P:P:P


This is a pretty amazing collaboration here! So much content in it, so many handrawn notions and swift animations integrated, an artistic masterpiece, the chosen sounds also fit right in, filesize is friggin gigantic but the wait really was worthwhile, keep up the great work!



Smooth, inspiring and hilarious. The music was awesome. The voicing was better. And some of that work initiated a set of circumstances that ended in my having to change my pants. I'll just leave the details up to the imagination.