Reviews for "Ashes"

Great job on the vocals. The overall mix is pretty smooth. I like how it breaks down into almost a trance step instead of aggrostep. I also find the dubstep growls and effects to be fairly original, rarely using an overused effect. There is a personal spin to everything here; very little generic anything. Great use of subtle glitch effects!

Pro quality!


hanorotu responds:

Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to give me a review. I read them all and everyone counts!

one of the only ones with vocals and it still takes first

hanorotu responds:

Lol, what does that mean? Thanks for the good score though!

Proper job, it's rough to mix lyrics with the style of dubstep. You found a very good balance in that. Not too much vocals but not missing any, it didn't rob the rhythm and the break was nicely done, was displayed as the centerpiece of the table, shall we say. Proper work, once again, 5/Respect.

Now that was real glitchy.
Which what made it awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting... I like it.