Reviews for "LOZ: The Sacred World P4"

Incredible Voice Acting!

The voices were the best part of this movie, but everything else was fastastic too. The occasional humor and the animated sprites along with the voices made a great movie, good job and I look forward to more from you guys.

I liked it, but....

it seems to be too dark in places, I can barely see the characters on the screen, I get that you're trying to get a dark effect, but it gets so dark that it takes away from the audience's enjoyment. perhaps next time you shouldn't make it so dark, but still darker than normal so it goes along with the story of ganon turning the world black.

Other than that, I enjoy it.

Nioce Job Mate!

Well written and Matt has done a great job with the voices. Sound FX and music fit really well with what was going on in the movie nice job. Also that was some major killing at the end.

that was downright...

sweet! XD awesome game, too. don't think he was the hero of time back then, though...

Lol, awesome.

Good job on the Flash man, looks pretty good, best of the episodes yet, keep up the good stuff.
Glad to voice for it.

-Mathew Zev (Zabre1)