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Reviews for "Portal Madness!"



Excellent animation.

It's got the styles of both Madness and Portal. Though it seemed a bit slow. I dunno, I guess it's my computer. Also, I loved the instructions for the gun. Peow!

W00t! :)

Graphics: 10 - SO GREAT! LOL! Sound: 10 - The SFX was Instantly Well Recieved Great! Music: 10 - The Music was great! Voice: 10 - I like the Robotic Voices! :D Violence: 10 - HAHAHA! Great! Interactivity: 0 - There wasn't any Interactivity! Voting: 10 - I give this a 5/5!


I love this! Hey... mabe you should try and make a madness portal game just like this!


the guy just launched the blue thingy at the agent and when he launched the red thingy ,he came out of the agent i was like OH SNAP OWND!!!

-Your fan Bonogo101 thanks kierden boal and most of all Thanks krinkels for creating madness combat :).