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Reviews for "The W Force - Episode 1"

not half bad

the animation was great but it could have been just a tad funnier no face jim lol


i thought this was really funny no face lol your probabily my fav animator


Not a bad start

Turn down the music

The voice acting was superb great job Tomar. I only wished the music was turned down a bit. The festive sound of it did fit the mood but it was competing with the voices and I had trouble hearing them well. This would have been a lot better if the music was given a break for a second. Just stick to a theme song at the beginning and leave it at that. The humor was great and I loved the absurdity of it all. It felt hectic and crazy the whole time and I loved it. The no face bit and the wikipedia part were great. And the no pooping in urinal sign. Awesome. Can't wait for the next one.


Loved it....smile kill smill!