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Reviews for "The Portal Collab"


The collective work is done on 10!


That was a brilliant collab!

Good points:-
Music tied in well.
Not too small nor not too big
It was smooth, no jaggy bits.

Bad points:-
At some points the animation of the girl was a a bit rubbish.

Overall: 9/10 stars and i voted 5, Oh and i requested for this to be put into the portal collection!

great score!


I came, it was orgasmic.
Great job, some animations could have been a bit better, but the music pulled it through, and it was just made of 650% awesome.


this was good, but some could be just a little beter. and WHY WONT GLaDOS DIE!!!
>-< lol

it was ok

but there is a better portal collab already in the portal colection