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Reviews for "The Portal Collab"


When I first saw the title "The Portal Collab" I thought it was going to be a tribute video to Newgrounds, because, of you know, this is what we call the portal. So, it wasn't what I hoped it'd be, but it still managed to be great! I'm not the biggest "Portal" fan, but the styles are great to see as always, and the rythum was pretty catchy.


this video is really funny :D

i've seen your profile on youtube
and your videos are just so great :)

Liked it Alot

i saw a few things that needed improvement but i know its hard making a collab, but it was really good guys great job. :D

Good Enough!

Well, guys, not bad but I think you should do a lil better.

Oggy-cheese responds:

I agree. We probably could have done better, I know I could have done. But it was basically laziness and the fact that the collab had been going for so long and we just really wanted to get it over with :D


i liked it all, except that i think the animation could have been better in some parts. besides that i think the animations were funny, and there was alot to the whole thing like the preloader game, and the messages in the menu! now if you wil excuse me i have some portal to play...