Reviews for "Making Fun of Sonic"

Hmm, this was good

I actually liked it, the best part in my opinion was the tails doll's ultimate form. Now THAT was good. Maybe you could do a series about it?

Alimon-Genesis responds:

THAT is not a bad idea. I'll think about it.


LOL nice flash loved the fish head lazor bit and when he falls in the water.

Alimon-Genesis responds:

...fish head?

not bad

i love the idea that your making fun of sonic but ummm.... at least make the animation and the jokes good


"Thank you Sonic but the princess is in another castle"

Sonic"WHAT THE FUC!!!"


Alimon-Genesis responds:

Didn't expect that, did ya?

Hella funny

This was hecka funny! I loved the whole thing. Although the graphics were not the best they were still pretty good and it was totally funny.

Alimon-Genesis responds: