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Reviews for "Monster Evolution"

Si lo termine

lo termine en dificil e.e

I'm a bit disappointed

there isn't a penis monster that squirts acid cum. :(

good game

if they ever make a second series of this game theyshould make more

good game

its pretty good, addictive and fun there are some places where improvement is needed but over all its a solid 9

Good strategy 1/question

Strategy: Start with Licky. Evolve it into Spiky, then Plantor, then Shootor, Then Peanutor or Hammery. You'l see why. People may not be able to beat the game with this review, so don't get all greedy with minuses.

Question: Can I make a more accurate version with better graphics and new attacks, like Slimy's shield +spacebar combo, or Licky's "hold down space then point the direction you want to attack in" combo?