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Reviews for "Monster Evolution"


i was in front of my screen for hours...playing this game... 0.0"
reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally adicting...

Definitely not bad.

Pretty fun. I haven't played enough to try all of the monsters, but it was fun. I didn't like how easy it was to die when you were a big, slow monster. But it was fun. The screams of the humans got a little annoying, and the music could change every once in a while. Overall, it was above average, but nothing spectacular.

Interesting stuff.

Creative concept. Very stylish. Nice Homer soundbyte for the kills. I didn't make it past the first level with Licky. I was killed by human shooters. Good job, anyhow.

wilsonbb responds:

thanks for the comments. Personally I like Licky the most for level 1 monsters, because it can climb :)