Reviews for "Impossible tic tac toe"

i love it!!!

nothing rong
all right

RasmusiBoy responds:

Thanx mate

You where right.

That was impossible



Lol... You can't beat it on impossible... I tried for nearly 2 hours.... hahahahahaha

i beat impossible!!!!

i beat impossible this is how i did it
go first in bottem center
he'll go middle
i go top left
he dosent make a move (glitch)
go bottem left
he gose middle left
go bottem right to win

good game i enjoyed it and theres a bug as i mentiond above. 10/10

RasmusiBoy responds:

lol, it acualy worked.
I'll try to fix it.

I won

All you need to do is put yours there and he puts it here. Then do this which will make him do that. Umm actually I won on accident. When I was playing Checkers with my dad I also won on accident.