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Reviews for "'Explanation'"

No explanation

Art style was great, the music was greater, the adventure the mug takes is greatest.

screw the critics

perfectly executed my friend

Well done

The atmosphere underlined by the piano was thoughfull and inward reflecting in a way.
While the story seems to take place on a plank sheet of paper filled by the summe of thougts that came to your mind. But you mastered in your animation this flood of ideas. In a way the main character reflects that process in the last scene by filling the emptines with his headspawn ideas that are a part of hin represented by the chip that gets deeper at the end.
The challange for the viewer awayting an explanation and the open range wich the movie shows makes it in a way unique so it totaly deserves FP.

Butzbo responds:

One of the 'closest' interpretations i have seen today!
Glad you liked it!

Wow, the coffee mug started the universe.

its really wierd, but thats what i got, don't know if that's right. Stupendous job!!!

Good animation

I had to force myself to watch the whole thing, but I watched it. It didn't seem to have too coherent of a storyline, imho. It was weird...I really really really liked the animation style though. That's a big part about how I rate. Keep up the great animation! The color scheme was especially nice!

3.96 / 5.00 (+ 0.00067)
I suddenly feel very small and insignificant ;)