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Reviews for "Zelda vs Gannon (death grind)"

Holy legions of fuck

That was pretty fuckin cool man, I don't even know what to write...still kickin my ass with this tune. Fucken....awesome

CasketGrind responds:

THANKS! are you new because i havent seen you post on my stuff before. i used to post alot of music way back when on here as you can tell. but i quit because people have been stealing my shit and claiming it as their own. if you wanna hear some more of my new stuff go to www.myspace.com/comagrind

Fuck that biatch!

Hey, I haven't seen you for ages dude! Hope you'll submit more often again! Nice version of this Zelda tune. Fucking bellend! You just need to EQ this shit a little better. Would totally rule a bag of shit.

5 up you grind fuck!

CasketGrind responds:

:) im starting to see new faces. but still not enough real heavy musicians. theres still alot of these mediocre dudes. nothing amazing or original. very little talent i see being used.

Hell yeah

Been a long time since you've posted anything. This is fucking awesome man. The drums kicked ass and you playing was great. One hell of a Zelda cover that's for sure. Great job I hope you start submitting more often.

CasketGrind responds:

ah thanks! i see youve gotten better at your recording! kudos XD

really cool

Dude this sounds GOOD, im a huge zelda and a grindcore/metal drummer, so i hav to say it sounds really coool.

That's Freakin' awesome!

Big legend of Zelda fan and a big metal fan put the two together and you get this!