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Reviews for "Grizzly"

The beginning text...

Is messed up.

liked it

good fun... only thing id suggest is make up jump n space attack?


I only wish that up was jump and space was throw apple, and I guess i also wish my wife would have got me that laptop she promised for Christmas cuz i am so tired of this 800mhz pentium 3 PoS with windows ME, and yes, I know that most of you dont even beleive such a thing could still exist, it shouldnt. Its the equivilant to computer hell. But others wise besides my venting, great game, i only wish i could enjoy it.


Awsome game, great presentation:

Graphics: 10
Gameplay: 10
Innovation: 8
Jumping: 8


1) make a run button
2) make jumps more fluid
3) add some combat or fighting

overall great game, best of the week material bro!

Mostly Good...

I liked the game, but I just thought there were some issues with the height of jumping. Other people may like it, but I found that jumping so high made it a bit hard to control. Other than that, great game!