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Reviews for "Snowbot"


what a lovely little flash
a robot plays a guitar and makes a snowy world.

everything in this looked nice and smooth. you kept the animation on the robot subtle for the most part with his head bobs. you did a good job keeping the proportions of his head intact when he changed angle so he's look 3d

really good effects, like when he blew the darkness away, and how the clouds ploofed against his head.

and you did a turnaround. where the camera rotates 360 degrees around a character. and it looked great.

good job all around. it was very sweet.

Very, very good

The music was calming and it had a nice robotic feel with.

Great job

AKS9 responds:

Thanks dude!


Dude....that was so pretty. I'm going to watch this again. I loved it.

liked it

graphics and music are nice

simply amazing

wow I dont know why, but i just love flashes that have coordinating music. The idea of a robot playing a guitar was weird though, but it made up for itself with the robot sounds and it's overall wellness. Nice job man!

AKS9 responds:

haha yeah i like flash that coordinates with music, or just stuff that coordinates with music in general. thanks for the review :) and your avatar is cool