Reviews for "Battle Gear"

really awesome dude

its just so fucking awesome x3

A very good game

This is a very good game, with brilliant controls and unlockables. However, i found a few bugs in the game. With my troop moral set to defence, i found that helicopters and artillery sometimes just stood there not attacking, which was frustrating. However, still a good game which ill now carry on playing ^_^


%u0130 Like This Game ! ;) 10/10 AWESOME GAME !


nice game good work.

Fun game with a few misconceptions...

In an all out sea battle, the Navy doesn't call the Air Force for aircraft Support. The United States Navy has the most planes out of any other Military branch in the U.S. and it's direct mission is air to air sea warfare. This should of been quite obvious with the Navy's large groups of Aircraft carriers. The Air Force's air to air fights are taken at a much higher air space. Since their planes fly much higher than the navy's, they would fight much higher altitude threats.

Also the Marine isn't here for some reason. On the beach levels, that should of been Navy and Marine Corps. The Air Force isn't usually ever sent in on a beach attack. I recommend more research on the military branches and their roles on what they do. It would off been more fun if the correct branches were doing their jobs.

Seeing the air force fighting a sea-to-seas battle was like watchiing a policeman on a ladder putting out a fire on a burning building.