Reviews for "Battle Gear"

Good game, just one fatal error

I was kicking ass the entire game until I got to the first Naval battle in Mexico. After I sunk their battle ships I found that I had only $2,000 left in my bank account after having like 60k right before the fight. Either it's a glitch or I spent that much on battle, I dunno. But the fact remains now I'm screwed because I can't even afford a single infantryman for the next war, and there's no way of getting funding so now I have to restart the game from the very beginning.

Next game you make should either have a buy/sell system for cash, or a selective checkpoint feature.


at first i click on the game.....then im like"this looks familier"
then i go like "Holy Sh!t i played this game b4"
i loved it when i played it before

One thing...

I don't know if there is or not but there should be a save button. Does it automatically save? Well anyway apart from that 10\10 but because of the save thing its a 9...


best tower def game evar

Instant classic!

Where's my "Like" button on this?