Reviews for "Battle Gear"

"So So"

This game is a so so fighting game. It is impossible!


I really liked it, it makes you use your brain which obviously some people cant do. There is a military strategic plan to it, i use mortars to fend off tanks and to secure land, bombers take out everythin and so on.
Good game, please make some more updates for it.


I beat it on every difficulty setting with only 5% health dealt on me in total. Best war strategy defense game ever! The only downside is that some peples computers might not be able to handle this game. Could you give it a quality setting?


.........i got to lvl.12.......and got bored so you need to like make it more harder or....somthing....lata o great game just got bored


you know, i dont play many flash games. but i really enjoy army flash games that are
click and deploy. I really enjoy this game great work.