Reviews for "Battle Gear"

Must be said...

In Soviet Russia, world take over YOU!


Was great untill i got to level 15 in the american campaign. the enemey helacopters are glitched or something, would take out all my units AND base in 1-2 shots. so once they had 2 or 3 they would just kill a max army instanly, or fly right by them and destroy my base. BOOOOO


Wargaming Online at his best in this Axis And Pixels wundergame


Whoa, pretty impressing dude. I love RTS's and this particular one is fantastic!
I also of course love turn-based strategy-games (like Fire Emblem) but I hate it when somebody makes an awesome game like yours and totally RUINS it by making it turn-based. You didn't make this mistake and I have to say thumbs-up for that! Great! BTW, if somebody wants a strategy to walk just right over them, PM me.


your shoot range is short meanwhile the enemy's is very long at level 25 +