Reviews for "Battle Gear"

Well now its the 1001 game like this.

Started off pretty cool. Good ideas and all, but after making some progress in the campaign, a black bar appeared over my "remaining units" bar, with the words "Try to sending your gold...(timeout in x s)".

I continued a couple missions through it, but came to an air battle, and I couldn't even check to see how well I was doing.

Another issue was with lag-ish problems. It wasn't so much lag as buggy, as the screen would freeze, then suddenly show a screenshot of a previous battle, and jump back to the match. Twice during a battle, it actually dropped me to the main screen showing what territory would be invaded next, and when I click continue, it jumped me into the battle I had been playing.

Between those issues, I found it hard to continue. Overall, a great idea and could become a great game, when the wrinkles get ironed out, but as is, it seems beta-quality.

is game is great. It is not very bloody, good for people who dont like blood but bad for people who do. This game has a lot of levels and you can get good inventry. This is a very good game. Battle Gear 2 is a graet game to but i prefer this one.

This is good!

YOu original is the best part. But you have to realize, that you must stop the reuploading of the other games. The Groundprincip is wel made..but think.

people want more and new stuff. So think bout it oke? :)

Allthough this battle gear series is the good old fashioned solid beat the hell outta armys thing I love in your games. keep it up and don't be shy, to invent new gamegrounds.

Liek your Unknown Creature P & C series. Where is the next installment of that one, tho??

Greetings and kudos my friend!

Was Really cool

Personally I Like The Game But Thought It Reminded Me Too Much of Age Of War But Screw That Too Awesome To Say It Was Bad