Reviews for "Battle Gear"

What I want to know is why, at level 24, with maxed damage, range health and speed, as well as the powered skills in their respective groups, still manage to practically get instant killed as a 7,000 hp bomber jet, along with all the other flying (non-helicopter) units. Near impossible to complete this flying battle. For this alone (not just happening in this level) I give you 2.5 stars for the glitch because it is overly annoying. Otherwise addictive and easy to play.

I'm afraid that even though this is a great piece of work it is just far to long. The battles are hard to do at times and the power skills are damned expensive especially in the beginning. Still I'll give you 3.5 stars for this. Maybe you can make some changes to this to make it better for the players .......

in my opinion you should be able to play as ANY country

I just noticed how board I am... I'm not happy with it. Very boring gameplay.

i loved this Game so much,Thx alot bro

Worth 5 Stars while it some how hard