Reviews for "Battle Gear"

So Close to10/10 stars

I think what It needs is Medals. Other than that it's Great!


I gave an 8 just on principle. It's not my kind of game, because there's FAR too many options and factors to take into account with like nine different kinds of things to buy, and each things has five to ten things you can invest in.

I know you put effort into it, and for that I won't penalize you.


legendary game love it any neigh sayers arent my friend its soo straight forward yessssssssss

terrible english

i cant tell what the games trying to say because the english is so bad

It was okay

However I have a compliant about the china missions. When I was in air battles, the enemy kept getting the upper hand and overwhelmed me time after time even when my planes were fully upgraded. So I don't know if that's a glitch or if you made the china missions too hard on purpose... oh and by the way, this china mission was on easy mode! So it was impossible to win against Spain. Tone China missions down so they can be won without any losses on EASY!