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Reviews for "DUCK SIM 2008"


I got mysalf some sweet gold featheres, but the hunter still killed me :(

for all those assholes that dont know how to play and say it doesnt do anything, you got to hide his head until he starts dreaming!!! DU'H

good game, a lot of storys and one duck, i want to have a duck know and protect him from sick duck-raping-hunters

Need Help!

I found the underwater key, but it won't work on the Sea Gate! What am I doing wrong?!


Quite original idea !
I had fun for 5 minuts laughing like an arse, for no reason รด_o


i wanna be a duck :)


Epic game man just... wow
ps. how in the hell are you soposed to fly through such a small space in lev 8?!