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Reviews for "DUCK SIM 2008"

Very enjoyable!

I just loved it! The storyline is awesome! But like lots of people, im stuck in the space level. It's so hard to kill the alien mothership! But I finally did it with an Omega cannon. I almost died but I did it! :D


k, everybody says: this is amazing! I get the meaing of life now! OMG SO AWSOME.
I know theres somthing more to it, I JUST CANT EFFIN FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO.
it seems like you just click and his head comes into the water! IDNU!(i dont understand) Thats it! PLZ REPLY OR SOMBODY PLZ TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!!
But i give it a seven cuz i love pixelsXD uggh plz reply



I don't know what some people are complaining about; this is hilarious! You people have no sense of humor.


what a great storyline the combat moves where amazing i nearly cried at the end


I love how in lvl 5 u hatch eggs!