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Reviews for "DUCK SIM 2008"


Is this a joke? this is not a game, you don't do anything on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Epicly Awesome.

I loved this game. I really felt a connection to the Duck character, and I think you should make another. Not only was the music epic (please tell me how you recorded that brass section) but the boss level was too. I found the final boss (Mel Gibson) to be a bit hard. Plus, I found some glitches with Mel Gibson. When he uses his gun, if you are currently wielding a sword, the game restarts. Please fix this.

P.S. I love how you get Duckroll'd when you die.

I look forward to Duck Sim 2009


Very boring and really stupid.


Everyone is talking about levels, WHAT LEVELS!!! you dont do anything in this game...


For the lulz